Astone Helmets®, the first brand developed by the RiderValley group in 2008, designs and manufactures motorcycle helmets.

Astone Helmets covers all segments of the market to meet the various needs of consumers, from the full-face helmet to the cross helmet. This range of helmets combines safety, aesthetics and comfort, while positioning itself as the best value for money.Products are manufactured in compliance with current regulations.

The 2019 collection has been enhanced by new models featuring Aviator, DJ9, Elektron, RT900, Spectrum and brings new colours to best-sellers Minijet, RT1200, GT900. This wide range has something to suit the practice and clothing style of every motorcyclist!

VQuattro Design®, 2nd brand of the RiderValley Group launched in 2011, designs and develops gloves, jackets and footwear for two-wheel users. Meeting the needs of the European regulation applicable to Personal Protective Equipment (PPI), Vquattro design® offers stylish and technical products for outdoor, city, sports and adventure enthusiasts. The Vquattro design® ranges combine various materials and designs which will guarantee protection, comfort and practicality. Vquattro Design has developed genuine partnerships with Gore-tex, Michelin, Sympatex and Vibram. Vquattro products are an excellent compromise between style and safety while delivering excellent value for money.

In 2017, the Vquattro design range was enhanced by rain-wear and windproof accessories which are essential to ensuring the safety and comfort of two-wheel motorists.

Overlap®, the 3rd brand developed by the RiderValley Group launched in 2012, designs and develops jeans, jackets and footwear for two-wheel drivers. The Overlap brand aims to appeal to motorcyclists and scooter riders who are seeking to protect themselves in style. Overlap selects denim and leather as its raw materials which demonstrate the brand’s values of authenticity, elegance and safety. Overlap started by launching a large range of jeans, combining various cuts and washes, and jean brands. Overlap has taken inspiration from both city and vintage style to expand its offer to include leather footwear and leather or denim jackets.